In Convoy to Georgia!

Germany is the largest trading partner for Georgia within the European Union. It is therefore not surprising, that the Company ROHR Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH has been supplying a new generation of tank trucks together with its local Partner and Scania importeur Tech Service Ltd. to SOCAR Georgia Petrolium since August 2015. In addition to the batches already delivered in 2015, 2016 and 2019, this year´s follow-up order again comprises seven vehicles, consisting of tank trucks and semi trailers.

All units are specially produced for the SOCAR Georgia Petrolium requirements and meet both, operator requirements and latest European tank truck requirements.
„Today, one of the most impressive examples of partnership between bodybuilder, Chassis manufacturer and costumer is being delivered to SOCAR Georgia Petrolium. The new Generation of ROHR tank trucks together with Scania´s NTG new model series, bringing this unique cutting edge, environmentally friendly technology to Georgian roads for the first time“ explains George Shalikiani, General Manager Tech Service Ltd.

This delivery is not just about a safe and environmental fuel trucks of 23.000 liters or semi trailers of 40.000 liters loading volume, but it is a symbol for the beginning of a new launch of Scania Georgia and ROHR activities in Georgia, with big plans for the coming years, with the potential to increase ROHR to the strongest player on the Georgian market.

„With this, I would like to congratulate SOCAR Georgia Petrolium for buying a ROHR premium quality product that will server the business of SOCAR, as well as the technological progress in Georgia“ emphasizes George Shalikiani, General Manager Tech Service Ltd.

We are very excited and happy about our strong partner Tech Service Ltd. and the opportunities this partnership offers for both of us.



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