Reduce CO2 and NOX emissions and also toll-free driving! Everything possible with a natural gas truck and of course a refrigerated box body from ROHR Spezialfahrzeuge!
Last year it was finally done and the first natural gas truck with our developed innovative gas refrigeration connection left our factory in Straubing.
At the Scania company in Munich, the vehicle was then handed over together with Biohennen AG. (Biohennen AG reported)


A great joint project between Die Biohennen AG, Scania München and ROHR Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH! The project shows clearly that we are prepared for a sustainable, "green" future!

ROHR Spezialfahrzeuge also offers to convert existing truck bodies to a natural gas chassis! For this, please contact our in-house service department: +49 9421 7305 - 0