Our volume-optimised rigid tankers are generally developed and produced according to customer specifications for use in distribution transport. Narrow roads and limited unloading options are no problem for our manoeuvrable vehicles.


  • Chassis from all manufacturers

  • Payload-optimized aluminium design

  • Compact dimensions, low centre of gravity, short wheelbase

  • Innovative  tank bearing and galvanized steel subframe

  • Clear and ergonomic control design

  • Long service life, high profitability and cost-effectiveness

  • Easy to maintain and repair

Standard equipment:


  • Tank shape box-shaped or cylindrical/elliptical
  • Tank Code LGBF

Filling/discharge equipment

  • Manhole cover Ø 500 mm
  • Filling port Ø 300 mm
  • Pneumatic control system per compartment (vent valve)
  • Dipstick mechanism 1x per compartment, mechanical with high fill mark
  • Drain valve 1 NW100 bottom valve per compartment; pneumatic control system
  • Vapour recovery system VOC-compliant
  • Pump mechanically- or hydraulically-driven centrifugal pump or vane pump
  • Hose reel rear right; 40 m/HD38 1x ZV 500 nozzle 

Fittings cabinet

  • high mounted cabinet for a good ergonomic working height with fully opening bus door

Measuring system                       

  • Assembly, calibration, and verification of all common measuring systems

  • Degaser, gas detector, turbine, and electrical dipstick systems

  • With temperature-compensated flow conversion and mechanical or electronic counter

  • Up to three  wet hose systems with pneumatic winding

  • According to national and international calibration regulations (MID)

Electrical system

  • 24 V, ADR-compliant (AT or FL/AT)


  • Marking and labelling according to ADR requirements

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Personal protective equipment


Other equipment upon request

Technical data

Superstructure weight

RRG 14

1.600 kg*

RRG 20

2.300 kg*


Tank material/shape

Aluminium EN AW 5186-H111

box-shaped or cylindrical/elliptical



RRG 14

14.000 l

RRG 20

20.000 l


Number of  compartments

RRG 14


RRG 20



*empty weight according to DIN 70020

Optional equipment (examples):
  • Bottom loading

  • RETD emergency drainage

  • Cabinet integrated into tank hull

  • VASK vertically opening fittings cabinet  door

  • Spoked hose reel in open, partially or fully integrated version

  • Measuring system with  product drain and return system

  • Additive system

  • Remote control

  • Electro-optical tank volume display

  • QSS/ASS/GPSS systems

  • SPD systems

  • Data connection/location determination

  • Storage boxes/glove compartments

  • Work lights/ perimeter illumination

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Further details and further equipment options can be found in the respective data sheets.

AIllustrations are symbolic and can display vehicles with optional equipment. Changes and errors excepted.

We at ROHR Spezialfahrzeuge work every day towards our most important goal, consistent, sustainable added value for our customers. We develop and produce our special vehicles according to the individual wishes of our customers and the high standards that distinguish our company. The competent support provided by our international sales and service network guarantees a high degree of customer satisfaction. Our efficient service centre guarantees flexible, intensive support and ensures the supply of spare and wear parts throughout the entire life cycle of our vehicles.